Yves Rocher Eyeshadow Duo in Prune & Powdery Taupe: Not Any Old Taupe and Plum

I have a weakness for eyeshadows, taupe and plum eyeshadows to be exact. The people over at Yves Rocher obviously knew about my obsession because their eyeshadow duo in Prune and Powdery Taupe had my name all over it.

Aside from the weird name, everything about this duo is pretty sweet. You get a hefty .1 oz of shadow and although the retail price is not cheap, $16 on the American website, you're bound to get a deal on Yves Rocher as they hold frequent promotions. The plastic packaging is not exquisite by any means but not as flimsy as the average drugstore compact and the clear window makes it easy to see what shade you're grabbing if you collect several shadows or blushes from the brand.

Both eyeshadows are smooth and pigmented; in other words, they are a joy to use. The taupe does not lean too warm or cool and sits at a happy midway point. The plum has just the right amount of depth without yielding shimmer which makes it perfect for defining the outer corner and crease. 

The somewhat high price for a low to mid range brand like Yves Rocher put me off for a bit but after testing out the shadows, every penny was worth it. These shades are not the most unique but they are definitely staples in one's collection. All in all, I highly recommend Yves Rocher eyeshadows and they were a pleasant surprise coming from a brand I had seen relatively little of in the blogging world. I now have my eye on several of the other eyeshadow duos... and singles... and trios.... Oh boy....


  1. The pigmentation looks pretty good. Those are really nice colors. I'm glad to hear the quality was worth the price.

  2. For some reason I never really associate Yves Rocher with good and qualitative make-up.. We used to get our skin care there at home when I was a kid. And I like their spa's since they do not over-charge :)
    The colors do look very nice & very pigmented. The price is a bit lower here I think..


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