Bourjois Rouge Edition: 19 Corail En Vogue

Bourjois used to be sold at Sephora way back when I wasn't interested in the beauty world yet but now can only be found online for stateside beauty enthusiasts. Luckily, a majority of the Bourjois range can be found at Etos drugstores and ICI Paris XL stores. I picked up two of the Rouge Edition lipsticks when ICI was having 25% off and can tell you already I'm happy with my purchase!

Although Bourjois is probably considered a drugstore brand, the prices are actually quite high compared to brands such as Maybelline and Revlon back in America. Each of the Rouge Edition lipsticks retail for €13 ($16.80). Yikes, that's more than a Mac lipstick! But with the discount, I couldn't walk away without adding some Bourjois lippies to my collection.

I chose 19 Corail En Vogue, a light peach shade, thinking it would translate into a light coral on my lips. I swatched the tester on the back of my hand in the store and the creamy formula won me over. The lipsticks have the signature Bourjois scent that smells a bit like sour candy. I personally like the scent but others may not.

On my lips, the color is so light that it turns into a nude. At first I was a bit disappointed as I wasn't looking for another nude lipstick to add to my collection. But it's still a nice nude that I can probably pull off better in the winter when I have lighter skin. The creamy formula glides onto the lips easily with or without lip balm underneath. The lipstick can cling onto flaky bits and accentuates them so giving your lips a scrub beforehand is a good idea. The lipstick is no where near as glossy as the KIKO Ultra Glossy Stylo formula but it imparts a sheen to the lips that make them look supple. While the lipstick is not drying, it is not hydrating or moisturizing in the slightest.

This is one of those lipsticks I will always add a lipgloss over due to the issues with highlighting flaky bits. I added one of my favorite lipglosses, Cargo's Morocco, to make Corail En Vogue less nude as well as to give my lips more definition. 

If you like creamy nude lipsticks, you might fare well with Bourjois' Rouge Edition in Corail En Vogue. I think it's a solid lipstick and would recommend if you happen to come across it. The other shade I have is a brighter, darker color which is more appropriate for the upcoming summer!


  1. This colour is gorgeous on you! I've never tried the Bourjois lipsticks, but I'm interested in giving this one a try! Thanks for the pictures.

  2. The colors are really nice :) I love adding gloss to any nude shades... always looks extra special :)


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