Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo in 807 Red Coral: The Unexpected Everyday Lippie

On most days, especially when I'm not wearing any makeup at all, I swipe on clear lip balm and I'm good to go. My lips are quite sensitive and drying formulas are incredibly irritating and unpleasant. I love a bold lip color but the upkeep can be a bit too much for everyday. I love a glossy look but hate it when my hair gets stuck in my lipgloss. So you can see I'm a bit picky with lip products and only a select few lippies can be an "everyday" lip color.

The Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo in 807 caught me by surprise as an incredibly wearable and comfortable lipstick and I'm currently kicking myself for not picking up a few more shades. The Ultra Glossy Stylo's are creamy, lightweight lipsticks that are moderately pigmented and leave a high shine sheen to the lips. The formula is a bit similar to the Revlon lip butters but I prefer the Ultra Glossy Stylos for their vanilla scent and even glossier formula.

The Ultra Glossy Stylo retails at a reasonable €4.90 for 2 grams or .07oz. The price is affordable and there is a wide range of shades from a cool lilac to shimmery pinks. I went for a somewhat bright shade with a hint of red, orange and pink and Red Coral is a pretty spot on name. One of the few pitfalls to the product is that the actual color name is not written on the packaging, just the number.

As you can see, about two swipes across the lips yields medium coverage. This particular shade has no shimmers but still reflects light and looks creamy. Although the color is a bit bright compared to a MLBB shade, I find that it pairs well with warm toned eyeshadow looks or just a bare face. My lips feel moisturized and never chapped when I wear this lipstick and reapplication is a breeze. Due to the glossy nature of the lipstick, the color stays on for about two or three hours which is perfectly fine in my books.

Do you like glossy lipsticks? What are your favorite everyday lipstick formulas?


  1. omgahhh it's sooo pretty! I love it! =)

  2. This is such a lovely color! Perfect for spring & summer :)

  3. This is a lovely color. I don't mind glossy lipstick but it has to be the right formula I get annoyed when my lipstick or gloss slips and slides all over the place.

  4. The color is really pretty, it's my first time hearing of the brand though. Where did you manage to spot this wonderful lipstick? :)

  5. I honestly am not a fan or glossy lipstick as I prefer matte type finish ^_~


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