Matte Peach Blush Love: MakeUpStore 'Must Have'

It took me awhile to get on board with matte finishes as I used to be all about an ultra shimmery glow for every bit of my beauty routine. In an effort to even out the glistening blushes in my collection, I've been on the look out for staple mattes that can give me some color without any additional shine. MakeUpStore has a large range of blushes with varying finishes and a subdued melon shade caught my eye whilst I was browsing the shop.

The tiny blush is called Must Have and if you have warm toned skin, I can see this being a must have blush for the summer time. The blush is housed in a black plastic compact which is very light. You only get .09 ounces of product which is about half of what a standard blush would be.

The official MakeUpStore website lists the blush as €12 but I clearly remember it being much more than that and British beauty bloggers quote the price as being £14 ($21.25). Nonetheless, I remember the price being somewhat high for the amount of product but I could justify the price because the Amsterdam location was having 40% off everything. *EDIT* I found my receipt and the blush was originally €18.50 ($24) and with the 40% off it came out to be about €11.

The shade is the perfect mid tone peach that I have been seeking for awhile. The matte finish is smooth and the powder is very finely milled without being overly powdery or dusty. Just looking at this blush makes me think of spring and summer, making it an instant pick me up!

The blush easily blends into the skin and sheers out nicely. The color can be built up a bit if you have a deeper skintone although I think this blush would work best for those with light to medium complexions. 

MakeUpStore's Must Have blush is a great true peach that doesn't lean too pink or too orange. The matte finish makes it a great option for those who prefer to add a separate highlighter. If you happen to pass by a MakeUpStore location, I highly recommend checking out the blush selection! 


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