Modest Make Up Store Haul

Make Up Store is a Swedish makeup brand that I don't hear about much on the blogosphere despite having a large selection of products and colors to choose from. I've seen a few of their products featured on mainly Asian beauty blogs. The Amsterdam store was having a 40% clearance sale a few weeks ago so I popped in and chose a few products that I've heard good things about.

Firstly, I remember Sophia raving about the eyeliner in Chocolate Cheesecake so I grabbed it, despite not needing anymore pencil liners in my stash. Surprisingly, none of the eyeshadows really struck me as being particularly unique so I moved onto cheek and lip products. The cream lipstick in Summer appealed to me as the coral, pink color is right up my alley as it's bright without being too over the top for everyday wear. The powder blush in Must Have also caught my eye as it's a matte, muted Tangerine and Wayne approved of the Make Up Store blushes in the past. The sales associate gave me a free tote bag, magazine and nail varnish in Nesja with my purchase which I wasn't expecting at all!

If there wasn't a 40% off sale, I probably wouldn't have picked anything up to be honest. The prices are a bit high for the quantity you get although the quality is better than average. Reviews and swatches of each product will be cropping up on the blog soon enough!


  1. I'm not that familiar with the brand but it looks really sleek! The Chocolate cheesecake eyeliner sounds yummy! lolz~ Thanks for sharing ! ^_~

  2. Make Up Store is another brand I've been eager to try! I'd grab that blush in a heartbeat too!


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