Catrice Absolute Eye Color: Talk Like An Egyptian

Not all of Catrice's eyeshadows are made equal and Talk Like An Egyptian unfortunately got the shorter end of the stick in terms of formulation. I gravitated towards the pale gold shade because the finish looked very metallic and the gold has a green tinge to it. But the gritty chunks of glitter particles keep me from loving this eyeshadow. 

First off, the packaging for the Absolute Eye Color line is akin to the rest of Catrice products. The clear plastic cases are sturdy and look expensive to boot. Each eyeshadow retails for roughly €3 (about $4) and contains .07 grams, making them a beauty bargain.

Talk Like An Egyptian is not smooth to the touch and applies patchy. I was quite disappointed in this and think the shade would have been a lot better sans glitter. Using an eye primer, tapping off the glitter before application and pressing the shadow on the lid minimizes fallout. The eyeshadow is still useable and can look decent on the lid if precaution is used when applying. For the price, I'm not too upset about the poor performance but there are other drugstore eyeshadows that are much better.

Catrice eyeshadows are hit or miss because the more sparkly shades tend to have grittier, drier textures that make fallout and patchiness common. Talk Like An Egyptian is a lovely pale gold but it needs too much effort for me to recommend it. I picked up another single shadow from Catrice, which I will be reviewing shortly, and I am happy to say the quality is much better.


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