Decluttering the Stash

I will be the first to admit that I have more beauty products than I need and that I will never use up every product that I have in my collection. My beauty wardrobe has grown exponentially since I started experimenting with makeup in 2009 and shows little signs of stopping. Making matters worse, I have a hard time parting with products, even if I never reach for them. In an attempt to get started in downsizing, I rutted through my drawers and picked out a bunch of things I do not have a hard time bidding adieu to.

My nail polish collection is a bit out of control but I could only manage to rut out a few very well loved polishes that have probably past their expiration dates. The Revlon polish and one of the ORLY bottles are frankens. The three polishes on the right were too sheer for my liking and not stand-out shades that I needed to have.

Lip products are more prone to go bad than powder products such as eyeshadows and blushes so I had managed to get rid of quite a few lippies. I am quite picky with lipglosses and prefer ones with wands far more than tubed ones. All of the glosses are hardly used and while none of them were horrible, they were nothing special. The Revlon lipsticks in Pink Pout and Twinkled Pink are ones I rarely ever reached. Pink Pout was too matte and purple toned for my skintone while Twinkled Pink is extremely frosty.

I have a lot of eyeshadows and I know it. Sadly, I could only choose a few that I wanted to oust from my collection. The NYX trio and Sephora single were not bad eyeshadows but I just don't have use for stark white or gray shades. The E.L.F quads in Ethereal and Silver Lining were too powdery and the colors not unique enough to justify keeping them. The Physician's Formula Glam Green Eyes Gel Liners were featured in my Disappointing Products post because the lighter shades were not useful for eye lining and did not fare well as cream shadows either. The black shade in the trio works just fine though. Lastly, I debated giving up the Catrice single in Talk Like An Egyptian because it only recently entered my stash. But the chunky texture means I will rarely ever use it since I have a lot of great shadows that I'd rather use.

I also had a few miscellaneous items that I didn't want taking up space. The Eye Rock eyeliner strips were in one of my Birchboxes and the idea of using stick on eyeliner does not appeal to me whatsoever. Drawing on eyeliner is much easier and quicker. The E.L.F Shimmering Facial Whip is a long forgotten product in my stash that I never reach for. Lastly is a double ended Essence of Beauty brush that I also neglect because it sheds quite a bit. 

I let my younger cousins pick and choose anything they wanted from these smatterings and the leftovers went promptly into the trash. Do you routinely go through your beauty inventory and get rid of products? How do you keep your beauty stash in check?


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