Overhyped Product of the Season: Bourjois Cream Blush in 01 Nude Velvet

I was originally going to review the Bourjois cream blush after posting my London beauty haul and giving an overview of what to expect on my blog. But a few Instagram buddies seemed to be quite interested so I thought I'd speed things up and just get this little review out of the way first!

The Bourjois cream blushes are a new release in the UK and every British beauty blogger seems to be over the moon with them. I was in London a few days after their release and was glad Superdrug was doing a 3-for-2 offer as each blush retails for £8 ($12). For a drugstore product, that is verging on mid range makeup prices.

To make matters worse, the amount you get in each little pot is minuscule. The cute compact only holds  .08 ounces. Comparing the price per ounce to other cream blushes, Bourjois is verging onto high end prices. Illamasqua's cream blushes are $171 pre ounce, Stila's convertible colors come out to be $166 per ounce and Mac's cremeblend blushes are only $105 per ounce. NYX makes a delightful cream blush that only retails for $45 per ounce. Well, if the product is spectacular, I can cope with the price.

Packaging wise, I love everything about this blush. There are four colors in the range and each compact is color-coordinated to match the blush it houses. The blush is very small, making it great for travelling, and the magnetic closure is very secure. The mirror is also quite handy and another feature that makes this blush great for touch-ups. Like most other Bourjois products, the blush is scented but not as strongly as the powder blushes. It seems like the same scent as the powder blushes albeit slightly toned down. I personally enjoy the scent of Bourjois products but I can see why some would prefer an unscented product.

Nude Velvet is the peachy pink shade out of the collection and does not contain any shimmer. The shade is very pretty when swatched. The consistency is quite dense in the pan so your finger or brush will not sink into the product easily like some other cream blushes. The formula is described as cream-to-powder which I would agree with. The blush goes on with a satin to matte finish on the skin.

The trouble with this cream blush lies in the fact that it is too natural. I have to layer the product over and over before I can see a noticeable difference between my normal skin color and the light peach of the blush. Having to build up the product bit by bit can be a bit time consuming and those who want to use this everyday will hit pan very quickly. Since it is difficult to see the product once applied on my skin, it is also quite difficult to judge longevity. I can detect a slight trace of the blush five hours after application but there is only a hint of color. Also note that I have a light to medium skintone so others who are darker will probably have an even more difficult time getting this blush to show up on them.

I did a quick review and demonstration in the video below so you can see how the blush performs. I tried taking before and after photos of my cheeks but the camera did not pick up the slight difference.

All in all, I don't think this cream blush is a bad product but, for me, it does not deserve as much praise as other folks are giving it. I'm glad I didn't impulsively purchase another shade and would recommend others to check out the NYX cream blushes instead which pack more pigment and give you more bang for your buck. What are your favorite cream blushes?


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