Brooklyn Flea: Williamsburg

Having grown up in the borough of Queens my entire life, Brooklyn always seemed very far away and not worth the trouble to trek to. But in recent months I've changed my mind and one of my summer goals is to get to know the hipster borough a little better. Every Sunday Williamsburg hosts a flea market so I hopped on the L train with a few girlfriends and checked out the wares.

The flea market is situated at the edge of Brooklyn and offers a good view of the Manhattan skyline. The forecast was quite dreary yesterday and a hazy overcast hung over the skyscrapers.

First we hit the food stands which offered everything from frozen bananas to Asian fusion pork buns. I opted for a $4 chicken taco and a $3 organic hibiscus tea. The eats are mostly up-scale street food made from organic ingredients and health-conscious twists with a price to match.

Two of my friends split a shrimp and chips as a little snack. It smelled wonderful!

There were probably around fifty or so stands that sold everything from shoes to jewelry to furniture. Many stands sold handcrafted goods which is great if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind treat.

There were some cool vintage knick-knacks. I touched a type-writer for the first time!

If you're into eclectic home-decor, this would be a nice place to browse. You're sure to find pieces that Ikea doesn't offer.

While some of the prices are very pricey (especially the handmade clothing), there were a few inexpensive trinkets that I could afford. I snatched up a unique vintage ring for $5.

The Williamsburg flea market is a fun hang out place if you're in the area and need a quick bite to eat or you have an hour or two to kill. If you're a hardcore thrifter, this is probably not up your alley as the prices are inflated but it's nice for the DIY-impaired and those looking for interesting gifts. 


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