Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek is one of the most popular budget beauty brands from the UK and for good reason. The iDivine eyeshadow palettes feature 12 shadows of varying finishes and the color combinations range from everyday neutrals to wild brights. When I traveled to London a few months ago, I treated myself to a single Sleek eyeshadow palette and went with the Oh So Special version. The Oh So Special palette has neutral everyday shades as well as a few fun pinks that I do not yet own in my collection.

For a relatively inexpensive beauty brand, Sleek has above average packaging. The eyeshadows are housed in a smooth, sturdy black plastic case. The inside cover is a generous, high quality mirror that is helpful for traveling. Each palette retails for £7.99 at Superdrug and other retailers in the UK. I picked up my palette during a three for two offer so I got an even better deal. Sleek products are available to international buyers through their website and each palette is $9.99 which is a good rate. The palettes are made in China. 

Each shade is named but the names are only printed on a flimsy plastic insert. I usually toss out the plastic sleeves that come in palettes because they make it a hassle when you want to grab product. I would prefer the names to be printed on the back of the palette for easy reference.

All of the eyeshadows are very finely milled and well pigmented. The mattes are smooth and show up decently on the skin but the shimmers and metallics definitely steal the show. The shimmery shadows have more of a buttery feel and reflect light really beautifully. This palette is very versatile whether you want a simple, everyday look or a dramatic smokey eye. Gateau, Ribbon and Wrapped Up are the three most unique shades in the palette that make it worth the purchase.

The Sleek Oh So Special palette gets two thumbs up from me as the quality is great for a drugstore find and you get some basic must have shades as well as some that are one of a kind. Have you tried Sleek products? How would you create a look with the Oh So Special palette?


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