Zoya PixieDust Liberty: Deep Sea Bubbles in a Bottle

Zoya's Pixiedust polishes are becoming a great quick mani go-to for me these days. After loving the effect of Destiny, I opted for the deep cerulean shade in the summer Pixiedust collection which was provided by Zoya for consideration. The dark blue reminds me of the ocean and the glittery flecks make the polish quite a stunner. 

The $9 Pixiedust polishes are meant to be worn sans base and top coat which make them a breeze to apply when you're in a hurry. The base of the polish dries matte while the glittery bits create an interesting sandpaper-like texture. 

Liberty took three coats to achieve an opaque look and was easy to remove like Destiny. The blue color did stain my fingers a bit though. This color would suit darker skinned people very well and is a very beach appropriate shade. I don't really dig mid to dark blues on myself personally but others will love this hue.

If you're into fun, glitzy nail polish but don't want to hassle with base and top coats or annoying polish removal, I highly recommend the Zoya Pixiedust polishes.


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