Asia Travels 2013 Part 3: Singapore

Singapore was next on our Asia itinerary and we only spent one night in the country to visit my aunt and some other relatives who live in the area. I've been two Singapore twice already so we didn't have to do much sightseeing. Just looking at skyscrapers reminds me of home!

If you look closely, you can see the famous Singaporean Merlion. I saw it up close years ago so my family and I didn't feel the need to see it again.

None of my family members who live in Singapore have a car so we took the MRT everywhere. Unlike Malaysia, Singapore has a really comprehensive public transportation system. The subways in Singapore and Hong Kong are really similar, but you'll see that in my next post. All of the signs on the MRT are labeled in four languages: English, Chinese, Hindi and Malay. I thought that was really considerate and helpful.

Away from the city center, you come across blocks upon blocks of high rise apartments. I've lived in apartments almost my whole life but never above the third floor. I have a slight fear of heights so I'm not sure what I would do if I had to live above the twentieth floor of a building. Everyone puts out their laundry to dry from sticks in the windows. Knowing my clumsy self, my laundry would be scattered on the ground the next morning if I had to dry clothes like this.

Singaporean food is pretty much the same as Malaysian food. There's a heavy Chinese undertone with some hints of Malay and Indian. From the way the locals talk, it seems they favor food from Malaysia more.

We ate dinner at an open air food court kind of place which many hawker shops to choose from. The food was nothing to rave home about but I definitely left with a full tummy.

We had some satay to share between ten of us. Satay is pretty much a Malaysian kebab and we usually eat the chicken variety.

I was craving dumplings so we got massive pork and chive pan fried ones. They weren't half bad!

We also got some Taiwanese oyster pancakes which had a really fishy taste. I personally like the fishy taste but not many people do. These were incredibly salty though and hard to eat a lot without rice. We had many more dishes including congee and spring rolls but I was too busy eating to snap pictures of everything.

Singapore is quite small but I think it's worth a visit if you're traveling Southeast Asia. It's a lot cleaner and safer than Malaysia. It's also a lot more modern and definitely more suited for city people. There are loads of shopping centers and a wider selection of beauty products compared to Malaysia. This trip reminded me of how much more at ease I feel in an urban area which makes Singapore a decent place to live in my book.


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