Asia Beauty Haul Pt. 3: Lashes, Tools and Misc. Items

Finally here's the last installment of my collective Asia beauty haul and I'm happy to get this belated post finally up! The rest of my beauty haulings are comprised of accessories and miscellaneous things that I mostly stocked up on because they were either Asia exclusive or really well priced.

I got some Sasatinnie Cotton Puffs and Suzuran Attirer Puffs because I prefer Asian cotton pads. The Sasatinnie ones are pretty meh because the wool falls apart easily but the pack was about $2 so I can't complain too much. I have more hope for the Suzuran puffs which are highly raved about and also around $2.

I ran out of blotting papers in Malaysia so I just grabbed the Cosmos Oil Blotting Sheets from Sasa. They get the job done but I much prefer the Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Sheets. I bought two packs of the limited edition, Asia-exclusive pink grapefruit scented Clean & Clear sheets as well as one pack of the regular ones. The Clean & Clear sheets are only about $2 in Asia whereas they're $6 in the states!

I got two kinds of the Rohto Eyedrops in moisture and cool for contact lenses. I usually find myself with irritated eyes and no eye drops in sight so I thought I would try these out. The cooling version imparts a minty (burning) sensation while the moisture one is like regular eye drops. I love the packaging on these!

My Koji Eyelash Curler has served me well for about four years so I picked up a Shiseido Eyelash Curler at Bonjour for less than $10! It's pretty much the same as the Koji lash curler in my opinion but it's nice to try something new once in awhile. I should have also bought the Shu Uemura lash curler because it sold for only 90 HKD (a little more than $10).

I started watching Hong Kong beauty Youtubers a few months back which is where I found out about Three Pretty Makeup Sponges. I bought the medium and large sized sponges from Sasa and they were incredibly inexpensive. The medium sponge was less than $1 and the large was just a tad over $1. These are really great sponges and I will probably feature them on the blog again at some point.

Lastly I stocked up on some lashes because they're plentiful in Asia and quite inexpensive. In Malaysia I bought three pairs of Daiso Lashes. Everything in Malaysia's Daiso is RM 5 ($1 = RM 3) so three pairs of lashes cost me $5. All three pairs I chose were criss cross type and seem pretty natural. At Bonjour in Hong Kong I thought the Luminous Change Eyelashes in 01 looked quite nice and picked them up since they were only a bit more than $10 for five pairs of lashes. In Argyle Center mall in Mongkok, I luckily found a store selling three boxes of Taiwanese Handmade Lashes for 50 HKD! What a bargain! That's $6.45 at the current exchange rate and each box has 10 pairs of lashes! I wish they had more natural styles to choose from but I ended up choosing three types of wispy lashes that kind of all look the same. I guess I'm set in the lashes department for years to come!

Watch the haul video to get a better look at all of the products!

What looks the most interesting to you from this haul? Do you usually haul a lot of beauty goodies when you go abroad?


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