ELF Small Stipple Brush: The $3 Highlighting Brush

If you're starting out with makeup or you simply don't have a big beauty budget, some of the E.L.F Studio brushes are affordable and good quality enough to warrant a peek. I was looking for a small duo fiber brush for applying a light wash of face highlighter and knew that the E.L.F Small Stipple Brush was probably a good option. This brush is easily found at Target for a measly $3 or you can purchase it directly from the E.L.F website (where they often do discounts). 

The brush is indeed small and is the perfect size for placing color exactly where you want it on your face. I use this almost exclusively for cheek highlighting but you can also use this to place blush in a very small area of the face. The synthetic hairs are of medium density. They don't splay out everywhere when you press the brush against your face but aren't too stiff to make blending difficult. The beauty of a duo fiber brush lies in that the longer white bristles are the only ones that touch product, giving you better control over highly pigmented formulations.

Now, for $3 I can't really complain but you can tell this is not the highest quality brush. The shape of the brush is a bit off in that the hairs are sometimes arranged a bit wonky and not perfectly circular. The handle is lightweight which doesn't feel luxurious and the ferrule on some other E.L.F brushes have come apart before (nothing a little nail polish can't fix, though). If you're on a budget or don't care for pricey brushes, the E.L.F Small Stipple Brush is a great addition to your collection. 


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