Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color in Orange Choux

Etude House designs incredibly adorable cosmetics and their Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colors are a really nice addition to any collection. The All Over Colors are meant to be multi-tasking and can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks. I can't speak much about the effectiveness of this product on the eyes or lips but as a cream blush, it's great!

The Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colors come in five shades: lilac, pink, red, orange and tangerine. I chose the tangerine shade as it seemed the most wearable for my warm toned skin. I purchased mine in the Etude House boutique in Kuala Lumpur's Time Square shopping mall for somewhere around $10. Sellers on Amazon offer the All Over Colors for around the same price.

The packaging is extremely adorable and each tub is color coordinated with the shade of the product. However, considering cream products have a tendency to dry out, this metal container is not conducive to keeping the product moist. I prefer flip top packaging for my cosmetics as I think it makes opening and closing things quicker and more efficient. You get a whopping 10 grams of product which is more than double that of a normal cream blush. The blush has a really pleasant peach scent.

The texture of the product is quite firm and dry compared to other cream blushes I have tried. But rubbing gently with a finger yields nice color payoff and has a nice translucent, jelly-like look. My preferred method of application is with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush because it picks up just enough product and blends it into the skin seamlessly. I like to take a bit of product and blend it in so that there are no harsh edges before building up the color. This can definitely be a dramatic blush if you want it to be but one layer of product creates a very natural look. The blush lasts practically all day on my skin with minimal fading.

Overall, I really enjoy this adorable product from Etude House. The price is decent and actually very generous considering how long this product can last you. The Orange Choux color is probably the easiest to pull off for those with a similar skin tone to me but I can see the Pink and Tangerine variations to be quite practical as well. Have you tried anything from Etude House? What cosmetics products have the cutest packaging?


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