In My Stash: (French) Hand Creams

Winter is coming. No seriously, winter is coming.... Well, fall has to arrive first but you get the idea. The temperature has been swiftly dropping in New York City and as someone with very dry body skin (had to specify body because my face is oily,. combination to dehydrated), I need to always have a tube of hand cream in my bag to prevent flaky, cracked skin. As it turns out, I have accumulated quite a few hand creams (none of which I actually bought) and they all happen to be French! Let's see what I think about each of them.

First we have the L'Occitane hand creams which I have used up time and time again. L'Occitane regularly has offers for a free hand cream so I got both of the ones shown above for free. The original Shea Butter Hand Cream is an oldie but a goodie that moisturizes well without leaving a slippery residue. The scent is nothing special though so I wouldn't buy the full size. The Pivoine Flora (Peony) Hand Cream is a much lighter consistency than the Shea Butter and has an amazing floral scent that I adore. The peony variation isn't as moisturizing but the scent and almost gel-like texture make it a dream to apply. Both of these tubes are the 1 ounce travel sizes and retail for $12. The 5.2 ounce full size tubes retail for $28.

The Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream was a gift and not something I normally would have gravitated towards. The packaging is classic Clarins, rather plain but still elegant and it gets the message across. The cream smells like baby powder which I really like. It's a rather basic hand cream that gets the job done. The 1.7 ounce tube is $10 (not bad at all!) and the 3.5 ounce tube is $30. It's actually more worth it to buy three of the smaller tubes than to buy a large tube....

The Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream came in a gift set and it wasn't one of the main reasons why I wanted the set. Turns out, my lack of excitement was quite justified as this isn't one of my top picks for a moisturizing lotion. The formula is a cream but once rubbed into the skin, it seems to disappear. While it's a good thing my hands aren't greasy or slippery, my fingers don't feel much more moisturized. For a luxury brand, this was quite disappointing. A 2.5 ounce tube is $15.

Last but not least is the Nuxe RĂªve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream which was also part of a gift set. This hand cream is strongly fragranced like all the other Nuxe products in the line which you might love or hate. I'm quite ambivalent towards the scent but find it a tad too much. The cream glides onto the skin nicely but feels greasy for a minute or two before it fully sinks in. A 2.5 ounce tube is $19 which makes it quite expensive!

L'Occitane and Clarins both make hand creams that I would actually purchase and recommend to others. The Caudalie and Nuxe hand creams let me down and the price isn't backed up by the quality. Not all high end hand creams are made equal! What is your favorite hand cream?


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