Zoya Godiva: The Office Appropriate PixieDust

I've mentioned the office lady style here and there but I hadn't really thought about being an office lady, at least not at this point of my life. It turns out that I'll be swapping in my distressed denim and baggy sweaters for form fitting dresses and button ups for my new internship. When I think of an OL, I think of a classy, well kempt woman who wears her hair in a smart up-do and has a different pencil skirt for every day of the week. Working in a professional work place doesn't mean you have to dress in drab outfits but there are certain boundaries that should be observed. That being said, I present to you the fun Zoya PixieDust in Godiva, a subtle hint of sparkle to jazz up an OL's ensemble! 

Godiva was part of the Fall 2012 collection and is available on the Zoya website for $9. This was one of the shades I was most excited to try when Zoya had sent the collection to me because it goes with a lot of my neutral outfits and makeup looks. Unfortunately, Godiva is the sheerest PixieDust polish I have tried yet and needed four coats to be opaque. Usually I can get away with two coats and do a third for good measure with the PixieDust formula. The fourth coat meant a longer drying time and the thicker layer increased the odds of smudging or denting my polish.

If you like the sparkle of PixieDust polishes but aren't a fan of loud colors, Godiva might be worth getting. It looks very pretty in the sunlight which makes up for the sheer formula. I love that I can wear a bit of bling on my nails without drawing too much attention. What do you think of Godiva? What's your favorite PixieDust shade that you've seen or tried?


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