Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Innisfree is a Korean cosmetics brand that focuses on using "natural" ingredients that are good for you. It's similar in price range and aesthetic appeal to brands such as Missha, The Face Shop, and Nature Republic, just to name a few. I was excited when I found out there was an Innisfree store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and actually visited the store twice. One of the most popular products from Innisfree is their Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask which retails for about $15 (in Hong Kong). There was an offer at the store where you get some free pore strips and sheet masks when you buy two so my friend and I each bought one and split the GWP. In Korea, the price is probably around $10, making it very affordable.

The mask comes in a very basic hard plastic tub with a screw cap lid. The mask is quite dense so I can understand why they didn't package this in a squeeze tube. If you're worried about germs and contamination, using a disinfected spoon or scoop would be a good idea. The mask has no scent and does not burn or sting on the skin. I apply a thin layer of the mask all over my skin once a week or if I'm breaking out more than usual I might apply the mask on the worst areas every third day for that week. 

The mask dries within 10 minutes and does not tighten too much to the point where my face feels uncomfortable. After rinsing the mask off with warm water, my face feels somewhat cleaner and the oil is definitely reduced but the effects are not long lasting. A benefit is that my skin is not too dried out after using this because it is quite mild. There is a "super" variant of this product and I suppose the formula is more intense and suitable for oily skin types.

While the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is nice for my oily, combination skin in the fall and winter, my super oily summer skin will probably fair better with the Origins Clear Improvement Mask which is stronger. If you have sensitive and normal skin that is mildly congested, check out the Innisfree mask as it will probably suit you very well. Have you tried any Innisfree products? What are your favorite detoxing, pore unclogging masks?


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