Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream: The Woes of Over Marketing

By now the term "BB cream" has been beaten into your beauty brains as some kind of magical all-in-one skin fixer-upper that everyone needs to run out and buy. The Western market turned the popular Asian (mostly Korean) beauty balm into a generic tinted moisturizer, tacking on euphemisms and claiming far too many benefits than actually delivering them. That  being said, every product marketed as a BB cream doesn't have to be necessarily bad; they usually just fall short of their own expectations and under perform. That's exactly what the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector (what a mouth full) does.

This is by no means a negative review. I purchased the Maybelline BB cream at the end of last year and brought it with me when I studied abroad as my everyday makeup base. I used it almost everyday that I wore makeup and find it a very easy base to slap on for day to day. The main issue with this product is the exaggerated claims it makes. Out of the eight benefits it touts, I only sort of agree with four. It does brighten by adding luminosity to the skin and evens skin tone. Interestingly enough, on the packaging Maybelline writes "adjusts to skin tone" but on their website they state "evens skin tone" instead. What's the deal with that? The product sort of "enhances the skin" in that my skin clearly looks better when it's applied than when I'm bare faced (duh?). I can't really argue with the SPF factor even though I use a separate sunscreen anyway and the added SPF is unnecessary. 

This BB cream comes in five shades which is atypical of traditional Asian BB creams which are notorious for having very limited shades which are often very light and gray tinted. I have the lightest shade of the Maybelline version in "light". I am not very light skinned which means many girls who are paler than me will not be able to pull this off unless they fake tan. The darkest shade will probably only suit someone with deep medium skin.

For most of the year, this BB cream works fine on my skin in terms of color although it can look a bit pink when I'm a tad too tan. But the color isn't the main issue I have with this product. It's the lack of oil control and the heaviness that occurs on my skin after four to five hours of wear. Freshly applied, I actually really enjoy the formula. My skin looks enhanced but still natural and there's a healthy glow emanating from under the matte setting powder I applied. But my oily to combination skin breaks down this foundation by noon and I have to blot or else I'll look like a greasy mess. But the end of the work day, I can't wait to go home to wash my face because I can feel the product on my skin. It's just plain uncomfortable. Perhaps people with normal skin would fare better with this product.

My preferred method of application is with a flat top foundation brush, namely the Sigma F80. You can see how the BB cream blends into the skin and how much it covers in the quick review below.

In general, I'm quite torn over the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. I love how it applies and looks for the first few hours but by the end of the day I can't help but wish for better oil control.  I'll be using this tube up but not be making a repurchase. I have to say that this is one of the most consistently reached for bases in my collection which says a lot coming from someone who rarely finishes any makeup! The price is good for what you get, even if not all the amazing claims are actually true. If you're on a budget and looking for a light coverage tinted moisturizer to even out of your skintone and give you a dewy finish, this is probably a nice option. If you're oily skinned and dislike the feeling of makeup sinking into your pores, you should probably pass on this.


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