Biore Cleansing Oil: New-Found Favorite Makeup Remover

Cleansing oils are my go-to way of removing heavy duty face makeup in a jiffy. In the western hemisphere, cleansing oils have only recently gained traction as many people still think slapping oil on their faces will make them oily or cause break outs (both of which are false). But in Asia, almost every beauty brand has at least one cleansing oil in their line and it's one of the most common ways of cleansing the skin. In my experience I've never met a cleansing oil that didn't cleanse my skin well but I've liked some more than others based on things like texture and scent. The Biore Cleansing Oil is a winner in all three respects!

I purchased this cleansing oil in a Watson's in Singapore and it was on offer for around $10. Although Biore is commonly found in the United States, the western offerings are very different from the Asian product lines. Luckily you can find this particular cleansing oil on for about $11, which is not bad at all for 150 ml of product.

For those who have never used cleansing oil, you simply squirt two pumps of oil into dry hands and massage it directly onto your dry, made up face. Gently rubbing will lift the makeup off your skin. I like thinner cleansing oils because they are easier to spread on the skin and feel less heavy than thicker oils. The Biore version is not particularly thin or thick but a happy medium. After about 30 seconds or a minute of massaging, you can proceed to wet your hands and massage the oil which will emulsify into a milky liquid. On the packaging, Biore claims that the oil does not emulsify when it comes into contact with water but I find that untrue. The oil turns milky like any other cleansing oil however it seems to thicken after water is added, something I have never experienced with other oils. Splashing water on your face and continuing to massage will eventually remove all the makeup and oil, leaving you with clean, never-greasy skin. This sounds a lot more time consuming in writing but, trust me, it's one of the easiest and most relaxing parts of my skincare routine.

The ingredients are clearly listed on the packaging and mineral oil is the main component of the makeup remover. This is common in cleansing oils and there are people who are staunchly against mineral oil whereas others claim the molecules are too big to penetrate the skin anyway. I have never had a problem using mineral oil based cleansing oils but it's something for others to note.

The last thing I want to mention is perhaps my favorite aspect of this cleansing oil: the scent! The fragrance of this cleansing oil is a sweet, candy-like smell that I adore. It reminds me of something in my childhood and just puts me in a good mood. This is tied with the Shiseido Perfect Oil as my favorite cleansing oil at the moment. I've used and finished several bottles of other brands but these two are by far my favorite (mainly because of the scent...). I would happily repurchase this cleansing oil once I run out and highly recommend it. I'll have a post all about how I remove my makeup coming up soon!


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