Bourjoise Little Round Pot Blushes: Rose Coup de Foudre & Lilas d'Or

For years I've longed to add a few of the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes to my makeup collection as just about every British beauty bloggers has a few of these buggers. Imagine my delight when I found out these were available in Dutch drugstores (no, I'm still not finished reviewing products I bought in Europe). A lot of the shades seemed quite similar, shimmery and flattering pinks and peaches. I settled on 16 Rose Coup de Foudre (Love Struck Rose) and 33 Lilas d'Or (Golden Lilac).

The cute baked blushes are 2.5 grams or .08 ounces which is quite small. They retail for around €10-12 from what I can vaguely remember but Bourjois does go on offer sometimes so I bought both of these blushes for slightly less. Americans don't have easy access to Bourjois but you can find Lilas d'Or and four other shades on for $14. The blushes are all highly fragranced which some may love and some may hate. I personally like the fragrance but find it a bit overpowering. The packaging is a simple round pot as the name suggests with a magnetic closer and a tiny mirror on the inside. The brush that comes with the blush is absolutely useless and went straight to the trash. The plastic casing of each blush matches the shade within which is very handy if you have quite a few of these in your stash.

Rose Coup de Foudre is a pale peachy pink shade with fine, subtle shimmer. The baked blush is highly pigmented and smooth. When swatched on a finger, the blush seems intensely shimmery but once applied, the shimmer is really toned down and you get a lot of color. Be warned, a little goes a long way so it's best to build up the color slowly rather than to get a ton of product on your brush.

Rose Coup de Foudre has a lovely glow to it that looks stunning on the cheeks. The color looks light in the pan but shows up very well on my light to medium skintone. The blush is easy to blend and lasts a full work day. 

Lilas d'Or is a bit darker than Rose Coup de Foudre and has a slight purple, mauve tone. The picture above was taken under very strong sunlight so the golden shimmer in the blush really stands out. The golden shimmers are bigger and more apparent in this blush than in Rose Coup de Foudre. I like to tap off my brush a bit before applying straight to my cheek to avoid major glitter. 

The sheen on Lilas d'Or is less apparent than Rose Coup de Foudre but the golden shimmer still reflect light. The deeper color is also great for fall and gives the cheeks a natural flushed effect. 

I have heard that the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes tend to harden and develop an impenetrable crust over time which makes using them all but impossible. I have not experienced this phenomenon yet but then again I haven't used these blushes quite enough times to know for sure. So far, these are great little cheek products and I'm really happy I got my hands on them. The colors are so pretty and a little goes a long way which justifies the slightly high price. Have you tried any Bourjois products? Do you like baked blushes?


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