Innisfree It's Real Rice Mask: What's the Deal?

Innisfree has an extensive range of sheet masks under the "It's Real" line and features "natural" key ingredients such as rice and green tea. I received one of the It's Real Rice Masks with my purchase from the Innisfree Hong Kong shop and recently put it to the test. I was pretty excited about this mask as Innisfree is such a popular Korean brand but was disappointed.

The mask itself is made of thin cotton and there is only 20 ml of serum whereas other popular masks from My Beauty Diary and My Scheming contain at least 23 ml. The thin nature of the mask means that less serum is absorbed and the mask dries quite quickly on the skin. The serum is a light white-ish gel and not a clear serum. The mask fits pretty well on my face but felt a bit small which might pose a problem for people with bigger faces or just more pronounced features. An interesting bit about the cut of the mask is that there are eye flaps instead of just holes where your eyes are which means you can cover your eyelids with the mask as well. The scent of the mask is a pleasant scent that is quite powdery and light. 

The It's Real Rice Mask is supposed to offer brightening but I honestly did not notice any improvements in my skin. My skin did not feel particularly hydrated or repaired either. Overall the mask was quite ineffectual and not worth a purchase. I am especially underwhelmed because I have had good results from the other masks I hauled recently and would repurchase some of those. Skip the Innisfree It's Real Rice Mask and probably the rest of the line too. Something about the "It's Real" concept makes me wary that there's nothing really authentic about it. 


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