KIKO Water Eyeshadow in Champagne: Sparkle for the Holidays

KIKO's Water Eyeshadows are some of the most metallic, pigmented eyeshadows I have ever had the pleasure of swatching. The Italian brand is widely available throughout Europe but hasn't made it's way to North America yet which is a shame since they have pretty amazing products. The Water Eyeshadow in 200 Champagne is a gorgeous super pale gold that gleams on the eyelids and will look stunning during the holiday season.  

KIKO's packaging is usually very basic and chic and these eyeshadows come packaged in a square flip top casing. The brand concept reminds me of Mac but comes at a lower price point. The Water Eyeshadows retail for € 8.90 ($12) which is mid-range but a fair price for a unique product.

For the price you also get a lot of product, 3 grams or .11 ounces (that's double the size of a regular Mac eyeshadow). One of the cons to KIKO's products is that they only label the number name on the packaging but on their website they have actual shade names. It's quite difficult to remember numbers as shades, especially if you have several of the same kind of product.

The Water Eyeshadows have an interesting pattern and look almost like a rippling wave in the pan. The shadow protrudes out of the pan so it's wise to be cautious when opening the compact. The texture of the shadow is very smooth and almost creamy like a L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow. As you can see above, the shadow is really vibrant and eye catching. The shadows adhere nicely over primed eyes and last well throughout the day with minimal fading.

I absolutely love the formula of the KIKO Water Eyeshadows and think the metallic finish is perfect for parties and special occasions. Due to the highly metallic, frosty finish, it's not a shadow I reach for very often but I can get away with using it on the inner corners of my eyes. It's definitely a keeper and one I would recommend you check out if you ever happen upon a KIKO store. There are a whopping 32 shades to choose from in the line up from smokey grays to a vibrant periwinkle. You're bound to find a Water Eyeshadow color that suits you. 


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