Silk Whitia Whitening Essence Mask: Luxury in a Mask

Silk Whitia is a popular sheet mask brand that I first heard about from Fuzkittie, a super popular beauty blogger and vlogger who left the community a few years ago. Fuz was a skincare expert; she tried and tested just about everything worth looking into and she highly recommended the Silk Whitia masks. I picked up two packs of Silk Whitia masks while I was in Hong Kong and was so excited to finally try them out. The first mask I have to review is the Whitening Essence Mask, a promising product that I hoped would lighten my acne scars. Did it live up to the hype?

Silk Whitia masks are made in France but I believe the company is Hong Kong based as I've only seen it sold through Sasa. I can't remember how much I paid for the box of five masks but there was some kind of buy one get one offer going on. Silk Whitia masks are more expensive than My Beauty Diary and My Scheming Masks and are going for $18 for a box of five on Sasa's website at the moment. The ingredients are very short and seem to contain many potent ingredients instead of fillers like most other sheet masks. 

The mask material is very thick, soft and luxurious. It's the thickest and softest sheet mask I have ever tried so far. There is a faint scent but not too strong at all. The serum is very thick and feels almost like jelly whereas most other sheet masks I've tried have more watery serums. The Whitening Essence Mask dries pretty quickly and the formula sinks into the skin within 15 minutes. My skin instantly feels firmer and tighter after the serum dries. I do not rinse my face and go to bed with the mask serum on my skin. The next morning when I wash my face, the serum seems to be rehydrated and the jelly feeling comes back. My skin looks smoother and feels bouncy to the touch. The areas of my face that did not have active acne bumps looked more clear and better overall. Pores and lines were less noticeable although this is not a lasting improvement. 

Unfortunately, there was no noticeable different in the look of my acne scars and my skin did not look brighter. The My Beauty Diary Sake Yeast Mask did a much better job of brightening and at a fraction of the cost. Perhaps you have to use the Silk Whitia Whitening Essence Mask daily to get the whitening effect but considering the price, that would not be very economical. I tend to use masks once or twice a week to give my skin a boost rather than to rely on them for primary skincare. The Silk Whitia Whitening Essence Mask was definitely a treat due to the luxurious feel of the mask cotton and the nice firming and hydrating effects but for whitening, it missed the mark. 


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