The Body Shop Haul: Great Gift Ideas!

The Body Shop was doing a Buy Three Get Three Free offer and I couldn't resist ordering a few products I've been longing to try for awhile. I spent a few hours adding and removing things from my cart (while making first world problem complaints to my boyfriend) and finally settled on three bodycare and three skincare items. Woohoo, no makeup made it into the cart! Let's take a peak at what I purchased and my initial impressions of the products I've tried once or twice. In-depth reviews will definitely follow in the weeks to come once I've tested each item a bit more but I wanted to get this post up in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!


Honeymania Body Butter ($20) - The new Honeymania line smells sweet and amazing but not really like other honey scents I've smelled in other beauty ranges. Nonetheless I really love this one and I don't think you can go wrong with the Body Shop's body butters. I've had the Lemon Body Butter before and really enjoyed that so I have high hopes for this one. The Honeymania Body Butter has a very thick consistency so I'm hoping it will nourish my parched skin throughout winter.

Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt ($14) - I have yet to try this product but I've been really into baths lately (20 years a shower girl and now I've finally realized how nice a bath is once a week or so!) and the scent of this is heavenly. The bath melt really looks like honey and for the price, you get a generous amount. I can't wait to try this out!

Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil ($14) - It was between another body butter or a body oil and I went for the oil mostly because it was a bit cheaper. The Brazil Nut line is geared toward very dry skin which is what I have on my body. Surprisingly, this oil is very light so I'm not covered in grease after moisturizing. I probably should have gone for the body butter if I wanted a more intense hydrated feeling but the body oil is also multipurpose and can be used on the face and hair. While I won't be using this on my face, I've applied it to my hair after a shower and it didn't weight it down at all. This is a great product to travel with and the scent is gorgeous!


Moisture White Shiso Cleansing Oil ($15) - I swear by cleansing oils to remove my makeup so I was excited to learn from a reader that the Body Shop actually carries two cleansing oils. I opted for the Shiso Cleansing Oil which is supposedly developed for Asian skin. While I doubt that it's actually more beneficial for Asian skin than any other skin ethnicity, I've used this once and it got the job done. I'm happy with this cleansing oil and think it's a nice option in the Western market.

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter ($15) - In the winter my skin can get quite dry so I thought I'd look into trying a cleansing balm as a more moisturizing makeup remover. The cleansing butter seemed to have positive reviews so I took a chance and added it to my cart. Like the cleansing oil, I've only used this once but really liked the outcome as well. It works similarly to the cleansing oil after I warm up the balm in my hands a bit and I like that it emulsifies upon contact with water without the need for a muslin cloth to remove the excess.

Warming Mineral Mask ($17) - This purchase was a rather impromptu addition to my basket but I figured I could use another cleansing mask in my skincare routine as I only have one at the moment.... Yes, I have skincare hoarding issues. This mask contains kaolin to draw out impurities and is unique in that it heats up after you apply it to the skin. I've used this once so far and the heating sensation was soothing yet mildly alarming. I definitely need to use this product a few more times before I can say much more about it but so far, it's decent!

So far, I'm loving every product that I chose and am so tempted by the ongoing deals that The Body Shop has been churning out. Are you going to get any gifts from The Body Shop for friends and family? Any gifts for yourself? Let me know what your favorite The Body Shop products are!


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