Zoya PixieDust in Stevie: Pretty Pastel Purple

Zoya's PixiDust in Stevie was one of the colors I was most drawn to when I received the press samples from the brand. I love purples, especially light lavender shades, due to their wear-ability on any skintone. For those of you who might not know, Zoya's PixieDust formulation is a unique nail color that is meant to be applied directly to the nail sans base or top coat. The polish dries down to a sandy texture and is essentially a matte finish with suspended sparkle. To me, the finish looks like crushed precious gem stones and is always stunning!

Stevie was a sheer PixieDust which was kind of disappointing. I had to layer three, sometimes four times to get an opacity that I liked. This makes dry time a lot longer and there's more chance of smudging or messing up the nails. In my experience, the pigmented two-coater PixieDusts always look the best and give off more shine.

Nonetheless, Stevie is a pretty shade and would look nice on a variety of skintones. The shade reminds me of princesses and fairies and would look best in the winter and spring seasons. Of course, that's all personal opinion and you could definitely rock Stevie any way you like. What do you think of Stevie?


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