Coastal Scents Face Brushes: Haul & First Impressions

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season filled with lots of friends, family and food! December has been particularly busy for me so my blog has been a tad neglected. For one thing, this haul was placed on Black Friday and I've been meaning to post about these Coastal Scents brushes weeks ago. But from now until January 2nd, Coastal Scents is having a 40% off everything offer so it actually worked out to be pretty good timing to place an order now. 

I ordered six face brushes and 12 eye brushes so I'm splitting the reviews to cover face and eye brushes separately. Ordering and shipping was a cinch with Coastal Scents and I had a good experience overall. Orders over $50 ship free and my packaged was shipped on a Sunday when I placed the order in the wee hours of Black Friday. For the Black Friday offer, everything was 50% off so every one of these brushes cost me less than $5! Everything was wrapped very diligently and I got a free eyeshadow quad sample. Now onto each of the brushes starting from the top most brush pictured above going clockwise.

- Bionic Flat Top Buffer (BR-110) - This brush is a wannabe version of the Sigma F-80, one of my favorite brushes for applying foundation. The Coastal Scents "dupe" is less dense and more flimsy but the hairs are very soft and work well at buffing in liquid foundation and concealer. There were a few stray hairs sticking out of this brush but I just took a pair of scissors and trimmed the uneven bits. I ordered two of these brushes thinking I'd fall in love and want a back-up. This brush doesn't beat the F-80 but it's definitely a cheaper alternative and one I would recommend to beginners. 

- Classic Fan Natural (BR-C-N36) - This is the only natural haired face brush I ordered and it's the least soft out of the bunch. This fan brush is very large and not very dense so it's great for a light dusting of powder or bronzer. When I washed this brush, the water came away gray for about three rinses so make sure you wash your brushes very thoroughly before using them! This is a nice to have but not a must have. 

- Classic Round Duo Fiber Synthetic (BR-C-S26) - This tiny duo-fiber brush is great for applying pigmented cream blushes and highlighters. The brush is well made and the fibers are very soft. I do not have any faults to point out and am very pleased with this purchase. This was definitely worth the $3.48 I paid!

- Classic Buffer Small Synthetic (BR-C-S28) - If you're looking for a dense brush to blend out foundation seamlessly, forget the Bionic Flat Top and get this instead. The Classic Buffer Brush surprised me by how small and dense it was while being incredibly soft and firm. One flaw is that even after three washes, the bristles of this brush still leak dye. This is one of the least expensive brushes as well as I paid only $2.48 for it. I have been using this constantly to apply foundation, BB cream and concealer since I received it and I regret not picking up a back up of this! This brush is also available in a larger size which I really want to try out as well. 

- Classic Stippling Synthetic (BR-C-S31) - This large duo fiber brush is similar to the famous Mac 187 which I almost shelled out for. The Coastal Scents version only costed me $3.48 while the Mac brush retails for $42. This large brush is not dense at all so it works wonderfully at applying pigmented blush and bronzer in a subtle way. I think also would make a nice powder brush if you just want to take down the sheen of a base. The hairs on this stippling brush are very soft and feel nice on the face. 

- Classic Large Tapered Powder Synthetic (BR-C-S43) - Last, but not least, is the large powder brush that I had expected to be, well, larger. Nonetheless, this brush is very soft and the paddle shape works well to distribute powder evenly and lightly. This is a nice basic brush to have, especially for beginners. 

I wanted to show the full length of these brushes compared to some other face brushes in my collection that are quite popular. On the far left you can see the E.L.F Studio Complexion Brush and on the far right, the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Both look rather squat next to the ginormously long Coastal Scents brushes. Aside from the Bionic Buffer and Round Duo Fiber Synthetic, all the other brushes have very long handles which are quite annoying if you need to get really close up to a mirror for application or if you want to pack your brushes for travel. As someone who likes to bring inexpensive brushes during trips for fear of damaging or losing my more expensive ones, this is a huge inconvenience. The brush handles are very light and this aspect coupled with the length makes them seem cheaper.

Watch the video below to hear more about the brushes and see them from various angles!

All in all, despite some shedding, dye issues and the annoyingly long handles, I'm very pleased with the Coastal Scents face brushes I ordered. For the price, these are very good brushes and I highly recommend checking out the website while they have the 40% offer.


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