Majolica Majorca Creme de Cheek Blush: Liquid Blush Love

Majolica Majorca's Creme de Cheek Blush is a dainty liquid blush that hails from the world of Japanese drugstore beauty. Packaged in a tiny frosted glass bottle that makes it look like a nail polish, Creme de Cheek certainly earns the title of cutest blush in my collection. I picked up the shade PK312 while I was in Singapore for two days but I wish I had grabbed all four shades because this is becoming one of my most prized makeup possessions.

Unsuspecting people really might confuse this with a nail polish because the applicator is a standard nail polish brush as well. But for the liquid formula, the brush actually comes in quite handy. Before opening the bottle, a quick shake is in order to recombine the formula which tends to separate. One dip of the brush and three dabs on each cheek is all you need for a noticeable flush. The bottle is super small and the price is somewhere from $10-$15 so it's not exactly a budget drugstore product but a little goes a long way.

Although the consistency of the product is truly liquid and akin to water, it is pigmented. I wanted to show you the full force of how it looks before blending and how a miniscule amount looks blended out to get the perfect pink hue on your cheeks. There is a tiny bit of sheen in PK312 but it does not translate to glitter or sparkle. This blush lasts for about ten hours on me before fading and looks very natural when blended out with a brush. I prefer using brushes to apply cream products because I hate getting my fingers dirty but you can surely use your fingers to blend this out if you're on the go. I featured this blush in my recent favorites post. I demonstrate in the video how I apply this blush so check that out if you're curious.

There is no fault that I can find with the Majolica Majorca Creme de Cheek Blush other than the availability. If you can somehow locate this, you need this in your life.


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