Lush Ocean Salt: Exfoliating By The Beach

If you're a Lushie, chances are you've tried Ocean Salt which is one of the best selling products at Lush. The coarse sea salt particles combined with organic lime juice and avocado butter give the product a subtle fragrance that reminds me of the beach. I love the look of a brand new pot of Ocean Salt because you can see the chunks of salt covering the bright teal concoction below.

Before using the scrub, you're supposed to give the container a good stir to incorporate everything and you'll get something that looks like the mixture above. This scrub is marketed for both the face and body although I only use it for my body because I find it might be a bit too rough for my skin. I know someone with great skin who uses this daily as her morning cleanser though. When you mix in some water with Ocean Salt, the salt breaks down so you get a finer, more gentle scrub.

The ingredients are always clearly labeled on Lush products and just reading what's in Ocean Salt makes me like it more. Grapefruit and lime extract are brightening for the skin while avocado and coconut oils are moisturizing. There's a bit of vodka in the scrub as well although I'm honestly not sure what benefits it has for the skin. Ocean Salt is a great scrub for the body and I think it is great for buffing away dead skin with unique ingredients.

The one downside is the price because the small 4.2 ounce tub costs $21. 95 and the bigger 8.8 ounce tub costs $35.95. While the larger container is a better value for money, I can see myself going through the tub within a month and a half with constant use which really adds up if I plan on making this my body scrub of choice. Would I repurchase this? I can't say for sure due to the price. If you don't mind the price, this is definitely worth a try.


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