Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint in New York: A Sheer and Glossy Peach Lip [Updated 4/2/14]

Lip tints are one of my favorite makeup products at the moment because they're effortless and comfortable to wear. Glossy lipgloss tints are the new "it" innovation and Korea is in no short supply. I picked up two Aritaum World Glam Coating Tints because SunnyDaHye highly recommended them. I chose the "New York" shade just due to the name but after second thought, I'm not too sure I'm fond of light pastel lip tints. 

The small fuzzy applicator is easy to use and picks up a good amount of product for one application. The packaging claims to contain 9 ml which seems like a lot (Mac lipglasses contain 4.8 ml for reference) but the black casing makes it impossible to tell how much tint is left. Each tube retails for ₩9,000 but Aritaum was having a 1+1 deal on the tints so I purchased one for about $4! The scent is a very specific fruit scent that I can't quite put my finger on. It's not my favorite scent but it is not too overwhelming nor chemical scented in the slightest. 

New York is a light peach shade that is pigmented but still translucent enough to let most of your natural lip color peek through. On my lips, the tint barely mutes out my naturally pigmented lips but adds a hint of peach and imparts a sheer, glossy finish. There was no staining properties so I think the tint name is misleading. On the upside, the formula is very light and non sticky. This is a pretty shade for everyday and possibly better for those with very pale lips.

If I were to make a lip tint called New York, the shade would be an electric fuchsia or dark berry, not a muted, tame peach. Nonetheless, it's a pretty color and I can't fault the price or formula. I also grabbed one of these glosses in Seoul, a brighter orangey red, which shows up a lot better on my lips. A review and swatch of that shade will be up once I get a chance to photograph it....

[UPDATE 4/2/14] Not willing to let this lippie slide on by without some love, I wore it a few more times and have to say it's really grown on me. It still doesn't stain or anything but I find the peachy shade can be built up and intensified, especially if you apply this on bare lips sans lipbalm. This is actually becoming a favorite MLBB shade for spring since it gives my lips a noticeable orange tint. I feel quite bad about judging this so quickly and slamming light shades of glossy tints. Just because it's sheerer than the other glossy tints isn't necessarily a bad thing!


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