Etude House Jojoba Seed Hair Pack: The Easy Temporary Fix

After dying my hair in December, my formerly virgin locks became noticeably more brittle and I needed something to revive my splitting ends. While in Korea, my friend who dyes her hair a lot saw the Jojoba Seed Hair Pack and Serum and thought she'd give it a shot. I was persuaded by her purchase and impulsively added one to my basket as well. Looking back, I wish I grabbed a few more packs and maybe some of the other types as well.

The Jojoba pack is supposedly the second strongest formulation. Hair that needs more TLC should opt for the Argan or Avocado varieties and less damaged hair might favor the Camellia. Each two step packet retails for ₩950 which is less than 90¢. The hair pack could last me two washes but the serum can last way longer. Honestly, I wish they gave more of the pack and less of the serum. 

The packaging is also super adorable and a small detail I really like is that the tabs are pre-cut so it is very easy to open a tiny portion of the pack and control how much product you want to pour out. It's a minor detail but it really makes a huge difference when you're dealing with plastic disposable packaging like this.

The pack is like a conditioner that you leave in for a few minutes before washing out. It looks and feels like a typical conditioner with a white color and a nice fragrance. I could feel my hair immediately soften when I applied the pack and my locks were definitely more smooth and easy to manage after it dried. The serum is a slightly runnier consistency like a gel cream. It is also scented and I use about a pea sized drop mostly on the ends of my hair. The serum has less of an effect on my hair and honestly, isn't very impressive. I don't feel a difference whether I use the serum or not and I don't like to put a lot of product in my hair.

If you're in Korea, pick up a few of these hair packs if you have damaged or dry hair and need a weekly pick me up. These are also really good for traveling or if you have a lot of gym days or sleepovers. It's not a must have nor mindblowingly good but it's something I would repurchase.


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