Shiseido Lacquer Glosses: Barely There or Bold Lips for Spring

Over the last few seasons, Shiseido has been working really hard to update their makeup line by introducing new formulas and an impressive number of shades to choose from. For Spring 2014, Shiseido not only brings us new shades of the Lacquer Rouges but a totally brand new range in the form of Lacquer Glosses* as well. I received four shades to test out and they're definitely a top notch gloss range. 

First off, the packaging of these glosses is more convenient than the Lacquer Rouges because the partially clear tube allows you to easily see which color you're grabbing and you can gauge how much product you have left in the tube. Each tube contains 7.5ml (.25oz) of product which is a bit more than a standard .2 oz lipgloss and retails for $25. The applicator is a long, thin doe foot applicator that picks up a nice amount of product on both sides. I like that the tip is tapered because it makes tracing the corners of the lips and cupid's bow area very easy. There is no scent to the lipgloss.  

The inspiration behind these glosses is suki-urushi (transparent lacquer). The glosses are supposed to have a very glossy, transparent finish while providing moisture and pigmentation. The four colors I was provided were Nebula (VI207), Debut (BE102), Lust (RD305), and Plum Wine (RS306). From the swatches above, you can see that Nebula is rather transparent while the other three are very pigmented for glosses that claim to be transparent. There are very fine shimmers in all four glosses but they are only noticeable in Nebula once applied. 

Nebula is the most sheer and natural looking gloss. This shade gives a cool tint to my lips and provides a lot of shine. It's a great topper for a nude lipstick and the shimmers are very, very fine so they are not at all gritty or uncomfortable. 

Debut was surprisingly pigmented and it's a great all around nude shade. I found this shade to be a little difficult to work with for some reason. It was a bit thicker feeling than the other glosses and I had to work a bit more to get application to be even. I also think Debut is one of the less unique shades in the range but that might be a personal issue since I have a lot of nude lip products. 

Lust is a vibrant red and probably my favorite color of the four. There must be something about red lips that I've been really liking lately. The shade is very similar to Pomodoro from the Lacquer Rouge line but the finish is different. Lust is more glossy and almost jelly like whereas Pomodoro is more flat (but not in a bad way). I have to admit red glosses can be difficult to maintain sometimes but this formula is thick enough so that it does not migrate easily. If you want the lips to do all the talking, Lust is a great option.

Plum Wine is a mauve rose shade that looks very sophisticated. It was surprisingly easy to wear even though it has purple undertones. The formula was very easy to work with like Nebula and Lust and I was surprised at how little gloss I needed to yield a rather opaque look. Plum Wine is a beautiful office appropriate shade that I think would be ideal for the fall.

The formula is on the thicker side so the gloss lasts maybe three hours without eating or drinking. The glosses don't feel uncomfortably sticky but I can't say they're not sticky at all. They have a bit of cling to them which I think helps with the pigmentation. These did not leave behind that dreaded white residue that some glosses produce on the inside edges of my lips. My lips were comfortable and not dry after these glosses faded away and topping up is effortless. Opacity and comfortability differed slightly between shades so I would recommend swatching these at a counter before purchasing. All in all, the lacquer glosses are a solid line with a nice range of shades to choose from. 

*This product was provided by PR for consideration. All opinions are my own.


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