Shiseido Lacquer Rouges: Spring 2014 Color Additions

This month, Shiseido is adding seven new shades of their Lacquer Rouges to the existing 18 shade lineup, making for a rather impressive selection of colors. I received three of the new shades during the Spring Preview Event which was very exciting since I had my eyes on these since their release. Who wouldn't want a gloss that claims to have the rich pigment of a lipstick combined with a long lasting shine of a gloss?  

I received three shades: Pomodoro (RD319), Ebi (RD321) and Hellebore (RS723). You wouldn't be able to tell what shade is in which sleek black tube because there is no window or swatch sticker. You only get the shade code on the bottom of the tube which is rather troublesome for me as I have a hard time remembering the difference between RD319 and RD321 just by the codes. It is impossible to see how much product is in each tube as well. The plastic packaging is sturdy and feels secure without being heavy. I like the beveled edges and the simple Shiseido type is classy. I really wish there were a small clear window to differentiate the colors. God forbid you love this formula and want to buy a bunch of shades and have to open each one up to find the one you want to wear....

The lacquer rouges are meant to be a quick fix for busy people and one coat yields high color payoff. This is definitely true as you can see from the swatches above. The finish is very glossy and vinyl-like. Each of these colors has a tiny hint of shimmer in them but it's virtually nonexistent once applied on the lips. There is noticeable scent to this product either which is nice. Applying this lacquer is not the easiest because it is quite a thick formula. I prefer to wipe off some of the product from the applicator onto the inside of the tube and slowly build up layers of color to prevent depositing too much color in one area.

Pomodoro is my favorite of the three because it is a classic neutral red that looks very glamorous with minimal eye makeup. I applied the sheerest layer on my lips but you can definitely build this up a bit to get more full coverage.

Ebi is a very spring shade and is a wearable bright pinkish red. This is a nice shade for those who want to branch out of neutral shades and add some color to their lips.

Hellebore was honestly the hardest color for me to wear. It is a dark brownish purple and it honestly looks quite bad on me. It has the same pigmented and glossy formula but the color was just more difficult to pull off for me. If you like purple toned lips, you might like this shade. 

Shiseido claims that the lacquer rouges are supposed to improve dry lips because they contain Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE which "actively pushes moisture into lips and effectively retains it for hours." While I didn't wear solely these glosses for days or weeks at a time, I did find them to be comfortable and non-drying. I don't feel the need to wear lipbalm before applying these and don't experience lip peeling after these wear down. These last about three to four hours before they need to be reapplied and I had no issues applying additional layers. If you have very dry or flaky lips, you probably would want to exfoliate and moisturize as a precaution but for normal lips, you're good to go.

Aside from the packaging issues, the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge is an impressive formula with a nice array of colors to choose from. I would urge those of you who love a bold, classic lip to try one of the many reds in the line. Pomodoro is really a beaute in real life and my swatch doesn't do it justice. I have my eyes on Nocturne, a gorgeous deep vampy red, but I know in my heart I don't need another lip product....

*This product was provided by PR for consideration. All opinions are my own.


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