Holika Holika Heart Full Glossy Lipstick in Honey Beige: Epitome of Cute Cosmetics

You have to give credit to Asian beauty brands for coming out with the most adorable packaging and ideas. Just look at this lipstick! I was drawn to the Heart Full lipsticks the moment I laid eyes on them on various Asian beauty blogs because the heart shaped bullet was too cute to handle. I succumbed to my girly whims when all lippies were 1+1 (international equivalent of BOGO) when I visited a Holika Holika shop in South Korea. I chose an everyday wearable color, Honey Beige, in the Glossy formula and am more than impressed!

There are two different formulas for the Heart Full lipsticks, Glossy and Silky. The Glossy formula has bit of shine and slip to it whereas the Silky lipsticks are matte. Each lipstick is packaged in a small chrome tube which is about fourth fifths the height of a Mac lipstick. The actual lipstick bullet seems to be about regular size though. The lipstick has the most amazing scent which reminds me of some kind of Asian candy I can't quite put my finger on. I really love the scent and it's definitely one of my favorite things about this lipstick.

The retail price of the Heart Full lipsticks is ₩8,000 which is less than $8 but with the 1+1 offer, each lipstick costed me less than $4 (and tax is already included in retail prices)! Korean beauty products are ridiculously cheap considering the high quality and attention to detail that goes into product development.

The Heart Full Glossy lipsticks are more sheer than their Silky counterparts. On the left swatch is one swipe and the right swatch is three layered swatches so you can build the color up to your liking. Honey Beige is a peachy nude on my skin and has a nice warmth to the lipstick so it will not create a zombie nude lip. 

On my lips, Honey Beige looks more pink because my natural lip color peeks through a bit. I really like how this shade looks once applied and think it will make a lovely everyday shade for spring. It's a true peach that is neither dull nor too vibrant and obtrusive. The finish is not supremely glossy but the texture is smooth and creamy. While I wouldn't say this lipstick is moisturizing, it does not dry out my lips and feels very comfortable, especially when layered over lip balm and under gloss. 

I'm glad that the scent, price, shade and formula of the Holika Holika Heart Full Glossy Lipstick in Honey Beige was up my alley. It would have been a shame if such an adorably shaped lipstick was not a beaute in application. While online sites will mark up the price of these gems, I think even $10 would be worth it for such a unique and well-rounded lipstick. I wish I had picked up more of these when I was in Korea because there are a multitude of shades to choose from. Will you be indulging in one of these? Are you a fan of the heart shaped lipstick bullet or is it too cutesy for your liking?


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