Silk Whitia Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask: Need Not Want

Out of the many sheet masks that I've tried, only a handful leave me impressed enough to want to repurchase another pack. While the Silk Whitia Whitening Essence Masks were of good quality, they just didn't wow me. The Silk Whitia Anti-Oxidation Whitening Masks are an entirely different story though. These have the same soft and luxurious cotton mask but the serum of the anti-oxidation mask actually produces visibly brighter skin after use!

At $18 for a box of five masks, Silk Whitia is one of the more expensive Asian sheet masks. Sasa frequently has these for buy one get one so getting 10 masks for $1.80 each is not bad. The ingredients list is printed very clearly on the packaging and there are only 10 ingredients which is way fewer than what you would find in a typical sheet mask. 

While I'm not exactly sure how much serum is in each packet, it's a good amount to last one masking with enough leftover product to apply on my face the next night as a thick serum. So it's kind of like getting two applications in one packet. Something interesting I noticed with the Silk Whitia Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask is that when it dries, it leaves an even layer of hardened serum on your skin which makes it hard to move your face. I go to sleep with this stiff feeling and when I wake up the next morning, I wash my face and the mask rehydrates and feels moisturizing and refreshing on my skin. In this way, I believe the mask doesn't only sink into the skin but helps protect it for the time it is on. The result: softer, brighter skin. I think this mask also helps with fading dark spots like sun spots and acne scars with continued use.

I need to repurchase a box (or two) of these masks because I just finished up my last one. I can see this mask being a weekly staple in my skincare routine which I can't say for most sheet masks. Have you tried Silk Whitia? What was the most impressive sheet mask you have tried? 


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