Soap & Glory Kick A** Concealer: Average at Best

Well, well, well.... Another product that I bought ages ago and haven't reviewed yet, much less mentioned it in any other post. To be honest, that's mostly because the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer (excuse the profanity) is nothing to rave about. While the idea of having multiple base necessities in a tiny compact is genius, the execution of it is lacking.  

I have the shade light which is pretty light and there is only one other shade in medium so darker ladies and lads are out of luck. I probably should have went with the medium shade because light only works on me in the winter and I still have to blend quite vigorously. For a drugstore concealer, this retails for £10 (~$16) so it's not exactly cheap. However, it does come with three different products. 

The small compact opens up into two layers. On the bottom layer, we have two potted concealers. The one on the left side is a pink, salmon tone meant for under the eyes and the other is more of a beige, yellow tone meant for spot concealing. There is also a little mirror which could be of use if you do your makeup on the go. 

The top compartment reveals a setting powder and a coarse poof. The powder is almost white and I suppose it's meant to be translucent but it definitely shows up if you use more than a tiny bit. The poof is rough and not suitable for applying the powder at all. You definitely need a little fluffy brush to apply this setting powder for it to look natural.

Here are the swatches of the three products. I found the concealers to be less creamy that I prefer, especially the salmon toned undereye concealer. I have to warm up the product on my fingers before applying or else it sinks into fine lines and creases instantly. The coverage of both concealers is nothing impressive either and it's not easy to build up the yellow toned concealer without it looking cakey. The powder is smooth but you really need to have a light hand with it or else you'll end up with a much too drastic white undereye.

I wish I loved the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer but it just didn't wow me. The formulas didn't impress by any means and the available shades will only suit a narrow percentage of people. I liked the idea of having three products in one but think I'll have to look into Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown for better concealer kits.


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