Underrated Beauty Favorites feat. ArtDeco, The Body Shop, Too Faced, Becca & Coastal Scents

I'm the worst when it comes to picking favorites to show on the blog because I rotate my products quite often and a majority of the times I really enjoy the products I buy and use since I usually do intense research ahead of time. A few weeks ago I rummaged through the depths of my makeup collection to use some products that have been collecting dust and rediscovered how much I enjoy them. Not many people rave about these products so I thought I'd give them a shout out.

Most cleansing creams seem to be high end and when you're at the drugstore, makeup wipes are the answer to makeup removal. But The Body Shop's Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter will change your mind about the cost of proper skincare. This is a solid butter at room temperature that melts into a cleansing oil once your rub the product in your hands. I use this like I would a cleansing oil and think it's fantastic. The tub only costs $15 retail and The Body Shop always does BOGO or 40% sales so you're bound to find it for under $10. The thin tin and solid form make it a perfect travel product as well and I brought this as my makeup remover of choice when I was in Korea.

BB Creams have mostly taken over my base makeup drawer but I still have some love left for the Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation*. This oil free foundation gives very light coverage but it looks very natural and is a breeze to apply and blend. I tend to use this on my good skin days as it does not do much in the way of disguising dark spots or breakouts but it's enough for general redness. I'm surprised not many people talk about this foundation since Too Faced is often highly raved about and the packaging of this foundation is one of the prettiest I have laid eyes on. It's quite similar to packaging you would find in Asia, no?

To apply foundation, I've been loving the Coastal Scents Small Synthetic Buffer Brush which is only a mere $4.95. This densely packed brush is super soft and it buffs your base makeup on effortlessly. I have been using it with liquid foundations and BB Creams but am curious as to how it will perform with mineral foundation. I have a feeling it will work magic with powder foundation as well and am excited to try that out.

A rarely touched gem in my palette collection is my customized Art Deco Beauty Box. I blogged a whole review of this last July but never talked about it on my Youtube channel nor really pick it up after blogging about it. I really love all the shades I chose in this palette and have been getting more use out of the plummy pink blush this season as well. The shimmery shadows are so unique and the texture of all the powders is divinely smooth and almost creamy. Art Deco is available on Beauty Bay which ships free internationally for the U.S. folks!

Lastly is the product that inspired this favorites post, the Becca Ultimate Colour Gloss in Hotel California*. I have only seen a handful of bloggers review this line of glosses which is a shame since it is a phenomenal product that deserves more recognition! I recently reviewed the gloss and swatched it so check out that post for more details. 

Watch the video below to see the foundation on my skin as well as swatches of the shadows and lipgloss!

Have you tried any of these products before? What are some products that you love but don't get much hype on the blog and Youtube communities?

* I received these products from Apothica.com when they were a sponsor of my blog. I chose the products myself and was not obligated to review them. All opinions are my own.


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