Overnight Lipbalms: Rosebud Salve and Nuxe Rêve de Miel

The last step of my skincare routine is always a generous layer of balm to lock in the moisture on my lips so I don't wake up with flakiness or irritation. The one I have been using for years is the Rosebud Strawberry Salve Lipbalm which I bought at Sephora in high school. It's essentially glorified pink, sweet scented Vaseline but it works at moisturizing my lips. It's also easy to find and costs $6 for a pot that will last forever. 

I recently broke out the Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm which I bought last year in Paris. I meant to save this for after I finished the Rosebud Salve but I just couldn't help myself and was curious how the highly raved about Nuxe balm would fare when my lips are at their driest. Rêve de Miel is not as readily available but you can purchase it from Birchbox or Beauty.com. It retails in the states for $19 but I bought mine for $9 at City Pharma

Besides being housed in pots and being cult favorites in the beauty community, there's not a lot the two balms have in common. I must say the glass jar packaging of Rêve de Miel is much fancier and more hygienic than the metal one of Rosebud Salve. Sometimes the Rosebud Salve pot can be hard to open since it's not a twist lid and you can see how the metal rusts over time.... Oh, and both products have a light scent to them that are quite pleasant and not overpowering. Nuxe often puts heavy doses of fragrance in their products which I'm not a fan of but they didn't go overboard with this. 

In terms of actual product, Rêve de Miel is much thicker and almost dry feeling. I have read that it has a matte finish and I can see why people say that. When I apply it, it sometimes sloughs away the dead skin on my lips which is mostly a good thing since I pretty much only use this in the evening before bed. I do not find Rêve de Miel very moisturizing but it does create a layer over my lips that protect them from drying out throughout the night. Even though Rêve de Miel is very thick, I find that I use a lot of it per use and the pot already has a sizable dent in it. 

Rosebud Salve is much more emollient and has a shiny finish. It feels a lot like Vaseline but maybe a tab less dense and the scent is nicer. A little goes a long way and I'm surprised at how long it's lasted me without going bad. I also quite like that it is a multi-use product that I can apply on my knuckles or elbows in emergency situations. I cannot do that with Rêve de Miel. 

I am surprised to say that I'm not enamored with Rêve de Miel like many other beauty bloggers. I'll definitely use the pot up, and quite quickly, but I can't see myself running out to get another pot. The $19 price tag is quite high for a meh product and I'd much rather get a Rosebud Salve for a fraction of the price. But would I repurchase Rosebud Salve? Maybe.... maybe not. I think it's a good product and suitable for night stand purposes but the pot format means it will be forever relegated to my bedroom since it's plain unsanitary to use it outside. I think my next bedtime lip balm will be a new venture. Any recommendations?   


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