Bdellium Tools 990 Angled Face Brush: Bronzer in a Hurry

If you like a bit of bronzer under your cheekbones to create a contoured look in seconds, you should look into the Bdellium Tools Angled Face Brush. I went to IMATS looking for an angled contour brush and the 990 looked really neat. Bdellium makes affordable brushes with bamboo handles and cruelty free synthetic bristles. This brush retails for $18 but with the 40% discount at IMATS, I only paid $11. What a steal!

There are many angled face brushes on the market but not many are as wide as the Bdellium Tools 990. They also make the 942 Slanted Contour which is much smaller and better for more precise contouring. I wanted a big brush I could swirl in bronzer and sweep onto my face in broad strokes. I don't have a whole lot of time in the mornings to get ready so I'm all for brushes that do all the work for me. The bristles are super soft and silky. The bamboo handle is on the shorter side which I like because it's easier to travel with and long handles can be a bit unwieldy at times. 

You might have already noticed one of the major flaws with this brush from the first photo. After a wash, the hairs on my brush became uneven. I did not tug very hard on the bristles or wash them too much. The hairs are just not sturdily held together and they end up being different lengths. I trimmed the uneven bits, washed the brush again and the same thing happened. This does not happen often with other brushes I have used so I believe this is just a dud with this particular brush. I'm curious to see if this would happen again if I ordered another one of these brushes. For $11 I would take the risk but $18 might be a bit steep if this happens again. 

The Bdellium 990 Angled Face Brush is one of my current favorite brushes for bronzing my face at the moment. I love the softness of the brush and the wide shape for fast application. Although the uneven hairs bother me, they do not negatively affect the way the brush applies product. What brush do you use for contouring? Have you tried Bdellium Tools?


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