Catrice Think Pink Blush: The Summer Flush

It's already been a year since I hauled six Catrice blushes and yet I've only reviewed two; where has the time gone?! The first two I swatched, Rose Royce and Toffee Fairy, were both nude and rather mundane in the pan but Think Pink is a vibrant strawberry pink. I think this would look beautiful on many skin tones depending on how much you apply and it's perfect for a bold statement cheek in the summer.

If you read my other reviews on Catrice products, you'll know that they're one of the best drugstore European brands that have sturdy packaging and good quality product. These blushes come in Shu Uemura-esque acrylic compacts that feel sturdy and cost only about $6. You get 5 grams of product which is more than a Nars blush so they're not skimping on quantity either.

One swipe and bam! No fuss here with getting this blush to show up! You can see the swatch is so smooth that it nearly looks creamy on my finger. Think Pink is completely matte and I prefer that finish for such an in your face kind of color. I would use a light hand and build up the color slowly or dip your brush in and tap off the excess. These blushes aren't powdery and don't deposit too much color as long as you aren't using a very dense brush.

What do you think of Think Pink? Any dupes in your collection that look like this shade?


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