Bourjois Rouge Edition: 11 Fraise Remix

This is yet another case of a product I bought ages ago, discarded into the abyss that is my makeup collection and promptly forgot about. I acquired two Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks last year while living in Amsterdam (I can't believe it's been more than a year since I studied abroad!) and the shocking vibrant nature of Fraise Remix both drew me to the shade and prevented me from wearing it. 

I reviewed the other shade, Corail En Vogue, last year because it was less intimidating. To reiterate the basics from that review, these drugstore lipsticks can be found in Europe and cost about €13. Fraise Remix and four other shades are available on the Asos US website for about $15. For a drugstore brand, these lipsticks are quite pricey but the quality is quite good and drugstore makeup outside of the United States tends to be a bit more expensive in general. 

A year ago I wrote that these had a sour candy scent but now I cannot detect a scent in either of the colors so perhaps the scent wears off with time. Like Corail En Vogue, Fraise Remix is very creamy and pigmented. The color translates easily from the tube onto skin and lips and glides on almost too well. With such a bright color and a slippery formula I like to dab the lipstick all over the lips and use a finger or brush to pat in the color to make it less shiny and goopy. When I've applied too much of this I can simply blot off the excess with a tissue and achieve a matte lip. These lipsticks are not drying but not moisturizing either so be prep your lips with a scrub before application and carry a lipbalm around in case you need some moisture throughout the day.

Fraise Remix is a beautiful bright pink that neither leans too warm or cool. I have a hard time wearing pink lipsticks because my skin is quite warm but I don't think Fraise Remix looks weird on my skin tone. Unlike Corail En Vogue which looks ghostly by itself, Fraise Remix livens up my complexion and needs no gloss to complete it. 

If you love bright pink lips sans shimmer, Fraise Remix from Bourjois is a nice mid-priced find. I wish we had more access to Bourjois in the states because they have a few winners in their lineup. Have you tried any shades from the Bourjois Rouge Edition collection? What is the brightest neon lipstick in your makeup stash?


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