Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush: Don't Knock It 'Till You Try It

The appeal of the Tarte cheek stains alluded me time and time again when I swatched the slippery glue stick-esque blushes at Sephora. My dear blogger friend Julie of Lil Lady's Life seems to really adore hers so I was excited when Sephora recently offered a mini one in Flush in exchange for 100 points. On a side note, while I think the Sephora point system is a generall ripoff and you're better off waiting for gift with purchases from the department stores, this was a great sample that I never really see being offered elsewhere. 

The cheek stains are Tarte's oldest product and according to the company, the packaging was recently given a makeover while the actual product remained the same. I read several customer reviews which beg to differ and claim that the formula was changed. Either way, the new formula is here to stay until further notice. A full size twist up tube contains .5 ounces of product and this mini weighs in at .17 ounces which is about a third. In the photo above I twisted up the product all the way so you can see how much .17 ounces looks like. The regular size costs $30 so this sample mini is worth $10. A little goes a long way and I read somewhere that it would take years to finish a full size even with daily use. As someone who's makeup routine changes everyday, I wish Tarte would offer mini stains at a fraction of the price so I can collect all the shades!

I passed up on these blushes because every time I swatched them they would be sheer and sticky. Above I swiped the stick three times over my skin and you can see the sheer glaze. Well, the key is simply not to swipe the product on but to bounce it over the skin to get a kiss of color. The color payoff is still sheer and you still get a slight tacky feeling on your cheeks but this is one of the most natural makeup illusions. About five light dabs of this on the contours of my face makes it look like I've been jogging in the sun or windswept on a brisk day. Brushes are not necessary and will even hinder your ability to apply this product. Keep it simple with a few dabs and blend with your fingers if necessary. Flush is a pomegranate shade sans shimmer that is gorgeous whether you're as fair as an English rose or as tan as an Amazonian warrior. 

Swatching the rainbow of new releases at Sephora is satisfactory at determining pigmentation but it's not always a surefire way to see how a product performs. If it weren't for the 100 point perk, I would have probably never discovered the usefulness of the Tarte cheek stains for myself. This is a great travel companion and a must have for those with super simple makeup routines. Have you tried the Tarte cheek stains?


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