Ben Nye Banana Powder: A Good All Arounder

It can be tricky finding a perfect shade and color for my yellow toned Asian skin. A number of my bases are the right shade for me at a given moment but they sometimes lean a bit pink and make me look dull and ashy. To counteract this, I was interested in giving the Ben Nye Banana Powder a try.

Ben Nye is a popular cosmetics brand used mostly by professional makeup artists. Banana powder is popular because it's supposedly what gives Kim Kardashian's undereye that ultra bright look. While I'm not dark as Kim to properly use it as a highlight, the powder is a good all over powder for my skin tone. There are several other powders of the same formula in various shades if you fear 'banana' is too yellow for you.

The packaging for this powder is rather ill-suited for easy application. First off, the loose format is a hassle for those who do their makeup on the go or are prone to clumsiness. Unscrew the narrow top of the plastic bottle and you have a sifter. Word to the wise, when you poke open the sifter holes, only poke half the holes to prevent major leakage. To get the powder onto my brush, I tap some of the product into the tony black topper and swirl my brush as best as I can into it. It's not perfect but it'll do. For a whopping 42 grams of product at $12, i can't really make too much fuss over the packaging.

The powder itself is dry and not particularly smooth. I would describe it as almost gritty. It does not feel irritating during application and glides evenly onto the skin despite the texture. It mattifies the skin and ever so slightly blurs the apperance of fine pores and very minor imperfections. The finish is never cakey and always imperceptible. A light layer of this over a natural base looks like my skin but better.

The Ben Nye Banana Powder is a nice-to-have if you have yellow undertones and combination oily skin. The smallest tub will last anyone ages and it won't break the bank so I recommend this to those looking for a nice setting powder on the lower end of the price spectrum.


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