Lush Mint Julips: Tingly Scrubby Goodness

I know, I know. You can easily make your own sugar lip scrub using ingredients in your kitchen. But this is so much easier... and probably better than anything I can concoct. Lush makes three permanent lip scrubs and I was drawn to Mint Julips the most since I tend to like minty lip products. 

Mint Julips is a crumbly scrub that simply exfoliates your lips without being too harsh and abrasive. A little goes a long way so the small jar will last you quite a few months depending on how often you need a scrub. The scrub retails for $9.95 so it is relatively affordable for a high quality lip scrub.

The scent is sweet and peppermint-y and you can't miss the cooling sensation when the sugar particles touch your lips. The sugar granules slough away dry flakes while cold pressed organic jojoba oil nourish your pout. My lips are immediately softer and plumper after using this scrub.

The ingredients are simple and free of animal derived substances so vegans can use this. There are also no preservatives in the formula. The glass packaging has a nice weight to it and feels sturdy. The jar packaging might not be the most sanitary but I guess it would be difficult to dispense this solid scrub any other way. 

I enjoyed this product more than I thought I would when I initially bought it. I love the simplicity of Mint Julips and I actually remember to use this because I enjoy the minty sensation so much. I would highly recommend this to people who wear a lot of lip products because it refreshes your lips and preps them for even application of lipsticks, stains and glosses. Have you tried any of the Lush lip scrubs?


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