Nature Republic Snail Hydrogel Mask: Good But Not Fantastic

Last week I met up with my good beauty blogger friend Monika of Rocaille Writes and I showed her all the Asian beauty shops in Flushing, Queens. We spent quite a bit of time at Nature Republic as it's one of the biggest Korean beauty stores on Roosevelt Avenue and that night I fished out the Nature Republic Snail Solution 1,000 Hydrogel Mask Sheet I had been saving for months. 

A few years ago, snail became the "it" ingredient in Korean skincare and from Nature Republic's claims, it is supposed to have restorative properties. This mask is very similar to Nature Republic's The First Fermentation Hydrogel Mask as they have the same gel mask base. I really like the fit and texture of the soft gel mask as it feels cooling on the skin and is a nice weekly pick-me-up. The snail mask is about $1 more expensive and costs $5.90. 

There is a very light fragrance that is perfume scented and not herbal or strange. I like the scent and do not find it overwhelming like some Asian skincare products can be. There is 20 grams of serum in the mask and I find that I have enough leftover in the packet after using the mask that I can apply the serum the next night. The mask does not leave a lot of essence on the skin after removal but there is a slight bit of oily feel. It feels like I patted face oil onto my skin after using this sheet mask. It's not necessarily a bad thing but mineral oil is the fifth ingredient on the list so if you are sensitive to it, maybe you should skip this mask.

My skin felt moisturized but not overly so after using the snail mask and while I did not experience any negative effects, I can't praise this product. Similar to the other Nature Republic gel mask I tried, the effects are not noticeable enough to justify the $6 price tag. While the hydrogel masks are more luxurious and comfortable than regular cotton or paper masks, the essence or serum is the effective part that penetrates the skin.

What do you think about snail skincare? How about gel mask sheets?


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