Asian Skincare Haul: Leaders Insolution, Faith in Face, Dr. Jart+ & Kao Biore

As each year passes and I try out more serums, moisturizers and the lot, I grow more and more convinced that Asian skincare is superior to most American made products. I'm still partial to French skincare and a few British brands are intriguing but the vast majority of my favorites are from East Asian countries. Recently I restocked on a few essentials that I'm excited to test out and tell you more about.

My good friend who now lives in South Korea came home for a few weeks to visit and she helped me stock up on some sheet masks. I loved the Leaders Insolution Tea Tree and Vita Bright Masks that I hauled when I went to South Korea in January so I wanted to try the AC Dressing version as well. This type is ideal for spotty, sensitive skin and I'm hoping it's just as soothing and effective as the other Leaders Insolution masks I have tried. I also requested the Faith in Face hydrogel masks because my friend enjoyed using them. Quite honestly, the cute packaging was what sucked me in. I haven't had tremendously good results from other hydrogel masks so I'm hoping these change my mind.

For Birchbox gratis, I received a few Dr. Jart+ products. Dr. Jart+ is one of the few Korean cosmetics brands that can be easily bought in the states. I have the Pore Minimalist Sheet Mask, Blackhead Master Patch Two-Step Mask to try out as well as minis of the Ceramidin Cream and Liquid. I love the lightweight texture of the Ceramidin Liquid and the size will be perfect to travel with!

Lastly are two essentials that I picked up from YesStyle when they reached out to see if I wanted to try anything from Kao Biore. For those who may not know, Kao Biore is the Asian branch of Biore and I personally find their products to be much better than the Biore products we get in the West. I really liked the Biore Cleansing Oil as well as their Perfect Milk Sunscreen so I chose another makeup remover and sunscreen to try. I always need eye makeup remover so I opted for the Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip*, a dual phase solution in the cutest pink packaging. I also picked the UV Aqua Rich Face Mousse SPF 50+ PA+++* which will be perfect for the winter time when I need a bit more moisture on my skin. 

View the haul video for a closer look at the products!

What are your favorite Asian skincare brands and products? I'm hoping to share my morning and evening skincare routines soon because some Youtube viewers have been requesting it. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see that as well!


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