Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick Duo: Mini Must Have

I'm a sucker for minis and travel sets because it allows me to test out a product without committing to an exorbitant price and there is a higher chance I can actually finish something up. I had been eyeing the Bite Beauty lipstick duo in Palomino and Violet for months but reminded myself again and again that I had way too many lipsticks and that I didn't need two bold brights that I would hardly ever wear. Well, after many window shopping trips to Sephora, I couldn't resist and walked out $12 poorer but with two of the most amazing bold lipsticks I have in my collection.

Bite Beauty creates lip products with "natural food-grade ingredients" and the Luminous Crème Lipsticks contain Resveratrol which is an anti-aging anti-oxidant. The first few ingredients in the lipstick are castor seed oil, beeswax, jojoba seed oil and shea butter so the texture is creamy and non-drying. The oil based formula does make these lipsticks prone to softening in warm weather though so you have to be careful about applying these in the summer heat. I ruined the Violet side of the duo because I twisted up the bullet too much and the base came off (I was able to reattach it though). The lipsticks have a pleasant fruity scent which is not overwhelming. This mini duo is quite small so you will use it up quickly if you don't switch up your lip products often. The width is the same as the width of my pinky nail and the height is a tiny bit longer than the end section of my pinky finger.

On the bright side, these lipsticks are so pigmented that you don't need much product to achieve a bold lip color. I mostly got this duo for Palomino, the cool toned red shade. I love this shade and find it surprisingly wearable. I like to dab the product onto my lips and blend it out with a finger to lessen the intensity and shine to get a softer, matte look.

Violet is more out of my comfort zone because it is a vibrant purple-pink shade. Again, I like the dab and blend method for this shade as it makes it more wearable. People with cool toned skin would look especially amazing in Violet. This is probably the most purple I would go in terms of being on the Radiant Orchid bandwagon.

The lasting power of these lipsticks cinches the deal as they are surprisingly long wearing. I applied Palomino at about 7:30 AM a few mornings ago, ate a greasy bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and my lipstick looked vibrant and even at noon! I was sure that my breakfast sandwich would have at least wiped off the color from the inner part of my lips but no, it stayed on. I'm not big on reapplying so I love lip colors that stain and last hours on end.

I am very impressed by the Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipsticks and am tempted to stop by the Soho Lip Lab where you can design your own lipstick color and customize everything from the scent to the packaging. Have you tried Bite Beauty? What are your favorite shades from the brand?


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