New In: Dainty Metals

Let's take a beauty break to talk about some pretty little acquisitions that I can't stop wearing at the moment. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer because I just can't be fussed to mix and match pieces to fit my usually boring attire. Gone are my days of fast fashion and buying cheap, scratchy necklaces from Forever21. From here on out I'm looking for high quality pieces I can treasure for years.

I've been looking for affordable gold studs and this pair from Madewell fit the bill nicely, especially since they were on sale for less than $11 with free shipping. Nothing particularly special about these earrings but they'll do for now until I save up for some real gold earrings.

Now for the more exciting purchase, my first additions to my Catbird collection. Catbird is a popular Brooklyn jeweler and I've had their skinny midi rings on my mind for more than two years. Last week I finally made it a point to drop by their boutique and treat myself to some rings I could wear everyday. I'm not really a ring wearer and have never been properly sized so I wanted to go to Brooklyn instead of ordering online. I believe the name of the girl who helped me at the shop was Leo and she was very helpful and patient as I tried on various sizes to find the perfect fit.

Ultimately I chose the large hammered memory ring (size 6.5, $74) in 14k yellow gold and the small hammered memory ring (size 1, $28) in sterling silver to start off my stack. I love the hammered detailing because it reflects light better than the regular rings to give my fingers a little extra glint. Catbird also does rose gold rings so I plan on getting one of those next. Since these little guys can get pretty pricey, I'll probably wait for a special occasion to add a few more to my fingers.

I'm late to the midi ring and stacking trend and Catbird is pretty mainstream at this point but that doesn't mean I love my new trinkets any less. Would love to see any recommendations for any great jewelers that you have had good experience with! What do you think of understated, dainty jewelry?


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