The Face Shop's Volcanic Clay Blackhead Charcoal Nose Strips

Not everyone will agree but I think doing a peel off nose strip helps remove build up and cleans the grease and dirt that regular washing and exfoliating doesn't get rid of. The ones I'm using at the moment are particularly good and they are Volcanic Clay Blackhead Charcoal Nose Strips from The Face Shop. 

The black strips are great because you can see the gunk so much better than when you use a white strip. You use these the same way you would any other typical peel off strip: dappen the face, apply the dry strip to the nose and press to secure. I like to do this right out of a shower because the steam opens the pores and helps the strip grab onto more clumps of sebum. It takes about ten minutes for the mask to dry fully and harden which is when you know to rip it off. 

I use a strip generally once every two weeks as it takes a few weeks for my nose pores to get clogged and especially enlarged. Using the strips too often might irritate the skin as well. I like strips with a good amount of grip and it personally does not hurt. I know some people have more sensitive skins and noses so it's all personal preference.

Here is a picture of a strip post application. You can see it pulled out some rather giant bits of build up. After removing the mask, I rinse my face with warm water because there tends to be some leftover glue from the strip. Then I'll spritz my face with some toner to seal my pores. 

I can't remember exactly how much these strips cost but I'm pretty sure the box was under $10 for seven strips. I purchased these at a local The Face Shop store but I'm sure you can find these online if you don't have access to this brand. What do you think of peel off nose masks? How do you remove blackheads, whiteheads and other build up from that area?


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