Four New Red Lipsticks: MAKE, Marcelle and LAQA & Co.

I've been collecting a few lipsticks in my collection because I haven't had the heart to use new products with so many unloved pieces already open. But I figured it was about time I swatched and gave my first impressions on these pretties because they all happen to be beautiful red shades that I especially love now that we're heading into chillier months. I'm simply going to give you my first impressions of these lipsticks since I wore them one after the other just to see how they swatch so I can't comment on things like lasting power and comfortability over time.

I have two shades of MAKE Silk Cream Lipsticks in Hudson Red and Maraschino Cherry. A few months ago I received the Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipstick in Amour and decided to finally swatch it for this comparison post. Lastly is the LAQA & Co. Lil' Lip in Ring of Fire which I chose for my October Build Your Own Birchbox.

MAKE's Hudson Red is the deepest red out of the bunch and it's looking a bit brighter on my lip swatch than it does in real life. I picked up this shade because I wanted a deeper, sultry red that I could wear with darker eye makeup for the fall. The formula is creamy and the lipstick felt nice on my lips for the short amount of time I had it on. I actually tried this lipstick on last which is why I seem to have migrating lipstick stains around the edges of my lips. Don't worry, this lipstick didn't seem to bleed but I would probably want to buy a lip liner just so I could define my lips before wearing this out.

Maraschino Cherry was a shade I was very excited to wear because it looks like the perfect vibrant red in the tube. However, it pulled quite pink on my lips and borders on looking garish. On top of that, this formula is not moisturizing and much drier than Hudson Red even though they are part of the same line. Strange.... The jury is out on this one.

Marcelle really blew me away with Amour because I wasn't expecting the formula to be as opaque and creamy as it is. The packaging turned me away and I honestly would never have thought to purchase this on my own but I'm so glad I was given this as gratis. This particular shade is stunning and the perfect classic retro-red. The lipstick glided on like butter and the shade instantly brightened my complexion. Love this!

Lastly is LAQA's Ring of Fire which looks more like a fuchsia on my lips. The chubby pencil is easy to apply but it is quite difficult to define the edges of the lips given the rounded tip. The pencil has great color payoff and is buildable. The formula is very light so product does not settle into lines. This is one of the better lip pencils I've had the pleasure of trying.

I can't wait to sport these fun lipsticks all fall and winter long. The Marcelle lipstick is amazing and I look forward to testing it out some more. The MAKE lipsticks were okay but given the $25 price tag, they could have been a lot better. The LAQA & Co. mini is pretty good but I would probably want to use a lip brush to help me get a really even application. Which is your favorite shade out of the four? Have you tried any of these brands?


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